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How .NET and PHP compare head to head in the important groups.

The great argument over whether to use ASP.NET or PHP for web development jobs continues to be a subject of heated debate for some years now. That isn't going to be one of those posts.

Whatever your companies' motives are you currently may be in the midst of determining whether to change from ASP.NET to PHP or vice versa. You may also be wondering which language is better to begin with on your long journey towards building a powerful digital presence for the company.


To start with, one common misconception about website functionality and speed is the language you select to code in determines your website's general functionality. In fact, nevertheless, there's almost no difference between the operation of a PHP run website and an ASP.NET website. Choose for example, among the most common jobs of any web application that's to query a database and output the results on the web server---and finally to the end user's browser. In the aforementioned scenario the coding language is only communicating with the database and internet servers to create a desirable consequence.

That said there are common myths in the market about ASP.NET being a more refined language than PHP.


Both ASP.NET and PHP are incredibly scalable languages. What matters more to scalability compared to language you select is the development ability you hire. In this respect you should consider the state of your company. If you are a DIY Entrepreneur and need to take a crack at developing with Drupal then PHP is definitely the preferred choice over ASP.NET as it is the language which is included with the lowest learning curve.

If you are looking to hire a lead programmer or team of programmers to construct your web site then you definitely should defer to the best available talent. Also, the fact that ASP.NET is more of a requiring language than PHP does not mean that you are mechanically more likely to discover better ability within the ASP.NET development pool.


Because PHP is open source its pool of programmers is much bigger than ASP.NET (which is windows based). That being said both boast vibrant communities that post frequently to on-line newsgroups, so if you are searching for solutions to issues, you are likely to find both communities helpful. However, while the ASP.NET community is comprised of committed programmers there are a serious few less support subscribers who are willing and able to post to newsgroups and answer questions about ASP.NET challenges.

In contrast to this, PHP is such a broadly used language that there are lots of favorable programmers active on distinct newsgroups who are willing to offer free advice and guidance to people who ask because of it. The largest take away here is that while you will most likely have the capacity to locate solutions to your own questions in both communities, you will almost assuredly get those responses back more rapidly when working within PHP newsgroups.


This really is the only place where PHP possesses a clear edge over ASP.NET. PHP is open source, and therefore, totally free, while ASP.NET is possessed by Microsoft and includes a hosting fee. On the other hand, the prices of those fees should not be exorbitant enough to dissuade you from hiring best in class gift in the ASP.NET pool if you are already leaning that way for your job development. That said if you use a Mac or Linux it is possible to use the Mono project to use ASP.NET.