Our vendor pricing section provides access to a searchable database of list prices for IBM equipment as well access to PDFs that provide recent street prices for products from several other vendors. Pricing data for each vendor may include annual maintenance contract costs, discounts on new equipment, and street prices for software and consumable supplies. The IBM equipment price database is maintained with up-to-the-month current list prices. Vendor pricing for other manufacturers/vendors is current within the past 12-24 months, including 3Com, Cisco, EMC, HP, Oracle/Sun, and Toshiba. Contact us for information on becoming a subscriber with access to this data or to order any of the information in this section on a one-time basis. Please refer to our Marketplace Reports section for information on current vendor discounting practices. A critical and often difficult task of IT management is the analysis and calculation of residual values. There are no magic formulas or short-cuts and there are many variables that can affect the ultimate forecast for IT equipment or other types of machinery. One of the key elements in accurately forecasting residual values is having a thorough understanding of the current market demand for similar or like equipment. Agent Software is one of the leading authorities on the IT secondary (used) equipment market. Our research and analysis on the secondary market provides the foundation for our residual value forecasting model. In addition to our secondary market research, we analyze other key factors such as new enhancements and upgrades, introduction of new and improved models, new chip technologies, initial cost, maintenance, population, age, method of sale, and other changes in technology. All of these factors are analyzed and applied to each and every residual value forecast we publish. Our residual values database includes the following categories of equipment: IT Equipment Desktop Computers Laptop Computers Network Equipment Printers Servers Storage Devices Other Equipment Copiers Material Handling Equipment (Forklifts) Mail Equipment Medical Equipment Miscellaneous (Manufacturing Machinery, NC machines, etc.) Test Equipment